Change your FreeConference Subscription Anytime Online

Whether you are looking to upgrade your account for access to premium features like call recording or downgrade a premium subscription you are no longer using, you can easily change your plan on from the 'UPGRADE ' tab on your account. Upgrade

How To Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel Your Subscription

If you need to upgrade from the free service to a premium plan, change your monthly plan, or discontinue your monthly subscription, can easily do so from your account by following the steps below. All plan changes will be effective immediately upon completion: 

1. Log into your account online at using your email address and password

2. Click on the tab at the top of your account that says 'UPGRADE' 

3. If you wish to purchase a premium plan or upgrade your existing plan, select the plan you wish to purchase and click the button that says ' Upgrade now'.  Enter your billing information and click 'Pay' to complete your purchase and begin your premium subscription. 

Premium Subscription

4. If you wish to downgrade to a lower plan or to the free service, click on the 'Downgrade' button that corresponds to the plan you wish to downgrade to or, if you want to downgrade to the free service, click the red link at the bottom of the 'UPGRADE' page that says 'Downgrade to Free'. Please follow the screens and check the appropriate boxes. Note that once you have downgraded, you will lose all access to premium services effective immediately and all premium minutes that you had not yet used will be lost.

PLEASE NOTE:  Premium Subscriptions Automatically Renew Each Month Unless Cancelled

All premium monthly plans purchased will automatically renew every month unless cancelled. The date of monthly plan renewals is based on the the initial date of plan purchase and it is the account holder's responsibility to cancel any unwanted or unused subscriptions before the plan renewal date in order to avoid incurring subsequent monthly renewal charges. Account holders can cancel their premium monthly subscriptions at any time by logging into your account and following the steps above or by contacting customer support and receiving confirmation of your plan cancellation.