Scheduled Maintenance Friday, December 28th

Your regular service will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled annual maintenance on Friday, December 28th.

Start time: 03:00 PM ET / 02:00 PM CT /  12:00 PM PT

Approx. end time:  09:00 PM ET /  08:00 PM CT / 06:00 PM PT

During this period, participants calling your regular dial-in will hear a message directing them to a temporary number that can be used with your access code. Those temporary numbers are listed below. Note that they will be accessible 1 hour before the maintenance time begins until 11:00 PM PT.

US: +1 312 600 1452
UK: +44 333 113 0093

Hosts will be unable to login to their online account and all video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities will be unavailable. Premium features, such as recording will also not be available.

Please feel free to contact support if you have any concerns or queries:

What happens if I am on a conference call during the planned maintenance period?

All callers would be disconnected, but you would be able to call back in using the alternate dial-in number. If possible, we recommend providing participants with the alternate number ahead of time and using this for any calls that are planned to start before the maintenance begins.

What if my conference call ends after the maintenance has been completed?

Your call will not be interrupted. The alternate dial-in number will be available to use from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM PT.