There are a few different ways that you can initiate or join a conference via internet. First of all, if you want to share your video, be sure that you have your webcam connected. We also recommend using a  headset where possible (you can use the internal speakers and microphone from your computer, however the quality is generally better with a headset). Additionally, other callers will still be able to participate in your meeting via phone using the dial-in numbers and access code provided.


**Please note that our Video service is optimized for Google Chrome. Currently, Video calling is only available on a computer or also Android phones or tablet devices using Google Chrome or with our Android App**.



1. START an On-Demand / Reservationless call

On the home page of your account, click "Start" to initiate an on-demand conference call to begin right away.


Once You Click the 'Start' Button you will see a pop-up screen presenting you with the choice to call in via the internet ('Internet'), via phone (' Phone'), or to simply view your conference online without audio ('View only'). If you want to hold a video conference or an audio only web conference, you can select 'Internet' to allow your microphone and speakers to engage. 



The first time you call in you will be prompted to "allow" your system to access your webcam and microphone. If you have any issues with this, please visit the following troubleshooting support page:


As with any conference call made via your phone, the first caller in a video conference will hear hold music. Once at least one other caller arrives this music will stop and you will hear each other. By default the video function is off when you join a call, you can choose to turn on the video function by clicking on the video icon at the top of the online meeting room.