Remember, it is not necessary to formally send email invitations through your FreeConference account in order to invite callers to your conference— you can simply send them your conference dial-in information and/or online meeting room URL via any method you prefer. If you would like callers to receive an automated conference invitation to your meeting while it is in progress, you can also do this from the participant tab of your online meeting room.

Invite Participants From Your Online Meeting Room Dashboard

  • Click the participant list icon found on the bottom right of the screen or the top left of the screen

  • This will open up an additional window on the right-hand side of your online meeting room with buttons at the top which say 'Mute all', 'Unmute all' and 'Invite'. Click the 'Invite' button. An 'invite participants' window will appear with a list of contacts from your FreeConference address book.

If the contact/s email address is already in your FreeConference account's address book, simply find the contact and click the green 'Add' button appearing next to the contact. When the contact has been added, click the blue button in the bottom right that says 'Send Invitations'.

If the person is not already in your FreeConfernece address book, you will need to enter their email address in the field at the top of the 'Invite Participants' window and then click the blue button in the bottom right that says 'Send Invitations'.

The contact will then be sent an automated email with your conference access information.