Perfect for meeting with smaller groups for unplanned meetings, there is more than one way that you can initiate an on-demand call right now.

The first and easiest way is simply to give your Dial-In Number and Access Code to all your participants. Once everyone has dialed in using the same access code at the same time you will all be connected together on the conference line.

Finding your Call in Information:

Select the menu tab to top right hand side of the main dashboard, then select the 'Meeting Details' tab OR 

for those that have a Video Focused  dashboard select the 'View Audio Conferencing details'  tab on your dashboard and your Conference Details will display.  Simply click on the 'copy call information' button to add this information to your clipboard.  You can then paste this into an email or text message to send to the participants.


And for those that have an Audio Focused dashboard it will display all your Conference Details.  

You can also initiate a call using your online meeting room. Simply login to your account and click "Start" to initiate an on-demand conference call that will begin right away. Note that you can have your callers join via phone or internet and everyone will be connected together in the same conference call.



You will arrive then see the following window appear, asking how you wish to connect.


The first caller in a web and/or telephone conference will hear hold music. Once at least one other participant arrives this music will stop and you will hear each other.

While in the Online Meeting room you will see that you can invite participants via the button at the top of your Participant List on the right-hand side of the screen.