You can change the Moderator PIN for your account by logging in and selecting the Menu tab at the top right hand side of the screen, then click the Settings tab, then choosing  Moderator PIN in the left-side menu. Click on the 'Get New PIN' button and then in the pop-up window, confirm the change by again clicking on Get New PIN.

Changing the access code here will impact ALL of your upcoming calls. So if you have any meetings scheduled already, be sure to notify all moderators or the new PIN.


*Note that it is not possible have your previous Moderator PIN reinstated once it has been changed. Also, as the PINs are randomly generated by our system, it is not possible to choose what the PIN will be.


Moderator PIN

When will I need to use my Moderator PIN?: The moderator PIN is not required to initiate a call, however if you want to make use of the moderator controls and other features, you will need to use it when calling into a conference via phone. You can read more about the different features where you will need to use your PIN via the 'Features' section of the support center.