Whether dialing in by telephone or joining your conference online, you can gain control over your conference by joining as the moderator. This article explains how to dial in and moderate your conference by telephone. To moderate your conference using the online meeting room, please refer to our support article Managing your call with the Online Meeting Room.

How to Moderate your Conference by Phone:

To gain access to the moderator telephone touch tone controls (see below), you must call into your conference as the call moderator. Do this:

  1. Call into your conference telephone dial-in number
  2. When prompted to enter your access code, instead enter your assigned Moderator PIN followed by the pound sign ( # )
  3. You will now enter the conference as the moderator and have full access to the conference controls listed below

Where do I find my Moderator PIN?

When logged into your FreeConference account,  your are able to find this information on directly the Home page. 


Depending on your Account Settings i.e. when set to Audio Focused the dashboard  will display all your Conference Details. If  your Account Settings are set to Video Focused  first select the 'View Audio Conferencing details'  tab on your dashboard and your Conference Details will display.  Also see FAQ's/Getting Started/ 'Dashboard View Settings'

You can also view and change both your Moderator PIN and Access code by clicking on the ‘Settings’  tab at the top of your account and finding the options for ‘Access code’ and ‘Moderator PIN’ respectively.

Telephone Conference controls:

Available to all callers:


*2  Raise or lower your hand
*6  Mute or unmute your line


Available to call moderators only:


*5  Meeting Lock (Only available with paid subscription from $9.99/month - https://hello.freeconference.com/conf/apps/store)
*7  Toggle Mute Mode (see below for details)
*8  Toggle entry and exit chimes
*9  Start and stop recording (Only available with paid subscription from $9.99/month - https://hello.freeconference.com/conf/apps/store)
*0  End Conference

Tip:  The above information can also be found on the Home page of your account.  Select the 'Phone controls" tab.


Available Mute Modes:

Conversation Mode: Default mode where all participants may speak, mute or unmute themselves by pressing *6.
Q&A Mode: All participants are muted and have the ability to unmute themselves individually.
Presentation Mode: All participants are muted and can only be unmuted by the moderator.



Set a default Mute Mode for all calls:

The default mute mode for all your calls can be set from within your account. Go to 'Settings' and then select 'Meeting mode' and click on your preferred default mute mode.

*Note that this new setting will only apply to calls that take place or are scheduled after you changed the setting. To change the default mute mode for calls already scheduled, you would need to cancel and re-schedule them to have the new setting applied to those calls.

Moderate the Call from your Computer:

If you would like to moderate your call from your computer, please visit the following support page article which explains how you can manage your conference via the Online Meeting Room:

Managing your call with the Online Meeting Room