You can add contacts individually or also bulk upload your contacts to FreeConference.com to make scheduling calls fast and easy. Another handy tool in the address book is the ability to create groups for specific calls so that you can quickly invite a regular list of contacts to a team meeting, for example.


To access your address book, just click on the Contacts tab at the top left of your account when logged in or you can select from the Menu tab at the top right side of the screen and then select 'Address Book'. You can also access your address book directly by clicking on the link below - just make sure you are already logged into your account first.


Uploading Contacts:

Adding new contacts is simple, you only need to select the Address Book and from there you can choose to add a single contact, import the contacts from your Outlook account, or upload a vCard or CSV file. You can also create, edit and delete a group from here.

*Note: the CSV (Comma Separated Value) file should contain the headings: 'First Name', 'Last Name', and 'E-mail Address''

Address Book FreeConference add


To edit a contact, simply select a name from the list on the left and change the name and email fields as needed and be sure to hit 'save' when done. To remove a contact, simply click on the delete button and confirm when asked.

Creating a Group:

Once in your address book, simply click on the 'Add Group' button. Then on the right you will see two fields appear - under 'Name' enter the name you want your group to be called. In the box under 'Members' you can either begin typing the name of one of your contacts and then select it as it appears. Or if you click on the box you will see a list of all your contacts and you will be able to click on any of them to add to your group.

Once you have added all the members of your group, be sure to click on 'Save' at the bottom right of the screen.


Adding Contacts When Scheduling:

The second way to upload your contacts is while scheduling a call. On the 'Invite People' page, Click Add and you will be given the option to add an individual contact, import the contacts from your Google contacts, or upload a vCard or CSV file. From here, you’ll be guided through the upload process. If you experience any problems please contact our support team by clicking “Help” in the Menu of your account.