's Recurring Calls feature provides you with the ability to schedule a series of calls in bulk. Setting up a recurring call is easy; once you’ve signed into your account, simply click the “Schedule” button. From there a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the subject and choose the date, time and length of your call.


Click on 'Set to repeat' to choose the frequency of recurrence for your series of calls


Calls can be set to repeat daily, weekly or monthly using the drop-down box. You can set meetings to occur on a specific day or date and for a specified length of time. After setting your preferred recurrence, click 'Save' and then 'Next', to continue scheduling your meeting.


Not only does FreeConference’s Recurring Calls feature allow you to set up a series of meetings with a few clicks of a button, it also ensures that everyone will receive ample notice of each approaching call. Reminder emails are sent to those invited to the call fifteen minutes prior to the meeting. These emails not only communicate the time and date of the upcoming call, but the agenda as well – ensuring everyone will be on time and on the same page at the beginning of every meeting.


Imagine knowing your schedule a year in advance. With FreeConference Connect’s Recurring Calls feature you’re one step closer. Book a block of meetings today and bring your team closer together.