How can you make it easier for participants to join your calls? One way is by using our 'PIN-less Entry' feature, which you can read more about at the following link: PIN-Less Entry and SMS Notifications

However, if your callers don't have an account with us, we have put together a couple of simple tricks that you can use to enable 'One Click Call' or 'Auto Dialling' for all participants, including yourself: 


1 - Add the conference details as a contact:

Put the conference line's phone number and the access code for your call into the phone number field when creating a new contact, separating the two with a couple of semi-colons or commas, followed by the hash key e.g.: 6054754125,,1234567# (each comma represents a brief pause - we recommend using two commas here).

When you need to call into the conference, just tap on the contact and call as you would any other number and you will be joined directly into the conference without manually entering the access code.

Note that when you copy the call information from your home page you will see this format under 'One click call on your mobile'.


2 - Using your smart phone's calendar program:

Create an event and put the conference line's phone number and the access code for your call into the location field of your calendar event, as with adding a contact, simply separate the two with a couple of semi-colons or commas, followed by the hash key e.g.: 6054754125,,1234567#

At the time of your call, just tap the number and your phone will call into the conference and enter the access code for you. You can also use this option to invite others to your calls who can then use the same method to join the conference. This will work with Android as well as iOS devices.


Note: We can not guarantee that this method will work for all callers, as the way the commas are interpreted can often vary from phone to phone and carrier to carrier.