Yes, absolutely. If you wish to share a PDF document or specific website, for example, the first step is to make sure you have that application open before sharing your screen.

Once you have the document open that you wish to share, click the 'SHARE' icon in the menu at the bottom left of your dashboard and select 'Share my screen''. You will then have the option to choose which window or application you wish to share.


Simply click on the application with the document you wish to share with your participants and this will then be displayed in place of your video image (if you had activated your webcam prior to sharing your screen).

Note that this feature is not possible if you are using Safari on Mac


To view your document, participants will first have to join the session through your assigned Online Meeting Room. Once clicking on your Online Meeting Room link, they’ll be prompted to enter a screen name to join the session. If they’re already logged into their own FreeConference account, the system will drop them in without the prompt to enter a name.