You can change the default Entry/Exit Chime or Name Announcement options for your account by logging in and clicking the Settings tab, then choosing 'Chimes & Name Announce' in the left-side menu.


Click on the relevant slider to turn the chimes or name announce feature on (green) or off (grey) and click Save when you're done to lock in your selection.


You can also choose to turn off the Waiting Room Music from here. If you turn this off, in place of music when you have the 'Waiting Room' turned on and the moderator has not yet joined, or if you are the first caller, you will hear silence.

Note: Any changes made here will NOT impact calls already scheduled. If you want to change these settings for conferences that you have already booked, you can either cancel and re-book the calls, or you can also turn off chimes and name announcements during a call by pressing *8.