Protect your conference calls with additional security settings - available on all paid plans.


One-Time Access Code


Every account comes with a unique access code for all meetings, but if you’d like to use a code that will expire after the meeting has concluded, the one-time access code is your solution.

While scheduling a call, click on 'Security Settings' under the Agenda field. Click on '
Use one-time access code' and the system will auto-generate a code - then hit 'save' and proceed as you normally do when scheduling a call.

The one-time access code will be sent to all invitees, along with the regular conference dial-in number and meeting URL. Participants will only need to enter this code instead of your regular code after calling the usual dial-in number. They can also join via internet using the unique URL for this meeting or by entering the one-time code on the FreeConference.com home page after clicking 'Join Meeting.

**The one-time code will be active 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Security Settings FreeConference 

Meeting Lock


Lock your meeting once it has started and anyone new will be unable to join. This is useful if you are holding a private discussion and want to ensure that others are prevented from taking part - whether it be for an entire meeting or temporarily - anyone attempting to join your call after you activate this feature will see/hear a message that the conference is locked. You can turn this feature on or off via the 'Settings' option in the menu on the right-hand side of your online meeting room.

Or if you have called in via phone with your moderator PIN, just press *5 to lock or unlock your conference call.

Meeting Lock FreeConferenceLock Conference FreeConference  


To subscribe to these premium features, just visit the 'Upgrades' section of your account. You can also compare all plans at the following link: https://www.freeconference.com/pricing#compare