During a conference call, sometimes it can happen that an unwanted guest will turn up, or perhaps one of your callers is having technical trouble, and you need to disconnect them from the show. This can be easily done in your Online Meeting Room.

When you have figured out who it is that you would like to disconnect and block, just open up the participant list at the bottom right or the top left of your screen.  Click on the individual tile for that person and select the 'Block' option. A confirmation window will then appear:

  • If you want to remove them from the call and prevent them from joining again, please check the box that says "Remove and block this participant from this conference?"
  • If you simply want to remove them temporarily, do not check that box.

If you remove the caller and check the box, and if that person had called in via the internet, they will not be able to rejoin this particular call. If they attempt to rejoin, they will see a message that they have been blocked. Note that this will not prevent them from joining future conference calls. You would need to block them again on your next meeting, if you didn't want them to join again.

If you block someone who calls in via phone, at this point it is not yet possible to prevent them from calling back in. Note however, that you can also mute their line and when you have done that as host, they would not be able to unmute their line again and interfere in the meeting in any way.

You can also Unblock someone if you need to allow them to join your meeting again for any reason. Just click the 'x' next to the word 'Blocked' on their tile and they will again be able to join your meeting.

block a participant in FreeConference

Participant List Block