offers a selection of local dial-in numbers from around the world that are "in country". Meaning that callers would pay only their local fees to reach the conference line. To access these numbers, just log into your account, select the Meeting Details tab in the Menu and click on the 'More dial-in numbers' tab.  Or you can find this information by clicking on the 'Dial-in numbers' tab from your account Dashboard.  You'll see numbers for Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and many others.


Depending on your Account Settings i.e. when set to Audio focused the dashboard  will display the 'Dial-In Numbers" tab. If your Account Settings are set to Video focused select the 'View Audio Conferencing details' on your dashboard then select the 'Dial-In Numbers' tab:   Also see FAQ's/Getting Started/ 'Dashboard View Settings' 

If you want to schedule an international call and have your chosen dial-in numbers included in the invitation. Simply schedule your meeting as normal and on the 'Dial-In Numbers' page, type your chosen location in the search box or scroll through the list to
 select the international numbers that will be included in your invitation.



You can also find a full list of current international dial-in numbers available at the following link:


If you prefer to set up an 'On-Demand' call without scheduling, just provide these dial-in numbers to your international participants, along with your Access Code and the rest of the relevant call information. Those parties would call in just like any other participants, but using the international dial-in number assigned to their country and enter your access code, (callers in countries not listed can dial into any of the US-based dial-in numbers, using their usual country calling codes). 

You can also add any of these numbers to your list of Primary Dial-in Numbers by going to Settings, typing in all or part of the country name, then highlighting that country and hitting Save. International numbers added to your account in this manner will automatically appear on any conference invitations you send through our site.

If you're signed up for a subscription, you automatically have access to lots more international dial-in numbers. These can be accessed in exactly the same manner as the free numbers, as described above. Note that Premium international dial-in numbers will cost the account holder an additional per minute fee. You can see a complete listing of available numbers and rates by logging in and clicking the Menu tab in the upper right, then selecting My Add-ons. Click on the Subscription you've signed up for to view all the international dial-ins and respective rates.