If you would like to manage your call from your computer - whether you are taking part in the conference or not - even if you choose to access the call via your phone at the same time, you can login to your account and monitor a conference from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

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See when callers arrive and leave, mute participants' lines, make another caller the moderator, disconnect an unwanted participant, initiate recording, or end the entire callat the click of a mouse.


To access the Online Meeting Room simply login to your account online at www.freeconference.com and click on 'Start'.

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You will then be able to choose if you join the call as normal, with your audio active, by clicking on 'Internet'. Or if you do not wish to participate and simply view and manage the call with your audio deactivated (meaning that you will not be able to hear or be heard during the conference), then click on 'View only'. Note that if you choose the 'View only' option, you will still be able to activate the audio while the call is taking place, by clicking on the 'Audio' icon.

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This will take you to your online meeting room screen. Here, you will see square tiles for each participant who has joined your conference call. Each square tile will display the first 6 digits of a caller's phone number if the caller joined by phone or the letters of their initials if they opted to join via internet.

These tiles will be visible at the bottom of your screen. A full list of the participants present in your conference can also be viewed by clicking on the Participants list tab in the menu at the top of your screen and also at the lower right corner of your online meeting room. This tab will open a column on the right-hand side of your online meeting room, displaying a list of the participants connected to your conference.

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Hand Raised: To indicate that they have a question or wish to speak (if muted), participants can use the Hand Raise feature. If calling by phone, participants can raise their hand by pressing *2 on their phone's touch tone key pad. If joining online, callers can raise their hand by clicking on the hand raise icon on the main control menu at the top of their online meeting room ( they may need to hover over the top of their screen for this to appear). When a participant has raised their hand, a small 'hand' icon will appear in the upper left of their participant panel as well as next to their name or number shown in the participant list on the right side bar (see section on right side bar menu below).

If a caller is muted, the raised hand will indicate to the moderator (if viewing the conference online) that the participant wishes to speak so that the moderator may click to unmute the individual and/ or lower their hand.


Main Dashboard Controls

Hovering over the top of your online meeting screen, with your mouse, you will see a menu with the options 'MUTE' / '
UNMUTE' , ' VIDEO ', 'SHARE ' , ' RECORD ' (premium account holders only), and 'HANG UP '.

If you are participating in the conference from your computer, then clicking on 'MUTE' will mute your own line, but you will still be able to hear others on the call. To turn your video on or off, click on ' VIDEO '.

Click on 'RECORD' to initiate recording of your conference. You will see this option change so that you can stop the recording using the same button (note that this is a premium service - visit our Add-On store for more info: https://hello.freeconference.com/conf/apps/store).

Click 'SHARE ' to share your screen or a particular application with other online participants. if you If you wish to leave the Online Meeting Room, click on 'HANG UP'.

Moderator Controls and other Menu Options

For more options during your call hover your mouse over the right side of your online meeting room screen. Here, you will find a vertical dashboard bar with various icons to view and control different aspects of your conference call or online meeting.

Right Side Bar Menu

Additional controls can be found on the
side bar menu that appears when you hover over the right-hand side of your online meeting room.  These controls are (from top to bottom):

Open/Close chat
Open/Close participant list
Conference mute mode
Conference details
Enter Exit Fullscreen

 The bubble-shaped ' Open / Close chat ' icon at the top of the right side bar menu allows you to open or close the chat feed. The chat feed allows you and your participants to send instant text chats to the other participants present in the online meeting in addition to the option to attach files to upload, share, and present within your meeting.

Just below the chat icon, you will find the option to Open / Close participant list. The participant list tab can be opened or closed and allows you to a see a complete list of those connected to your conference as well as options to 
mute / 

unmute all participants and Invite participants.

Immediately beneath the participant list icon on the right side bar menu is a small bullhorn icon indicating the mute mode of the conference ( Conversation mode, Q & A mode, Presentation mode). By clicking on this icon, you can mute or unmute all participants and control their ability to unmute their own lines. For more information of the conference mute modes available to moderators, you can refer to the following article: https://support.freeconference.com/support/solutions/articles/42000030663-moderator-controls

For quick access to your conference dial-in information, phone controls, and the support page, you can click on the circular white icon with the small " i" inside it for Conference details.

The gear-shaped icon second from the bottom of the right side bar menu can be clicked on to access the Settings for your audio and video connection. Click here to view or change your default microphone and speaker or to troubleshoot any problems you may have with any of these connections using the System Connection Test. 

Lastly, you can switch between the standard and fullscreen view of your online meeting room using the icon the bottom.

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