*Please note: this information only applies to customers who are currently on a paid plan. Free numbers have unlimited minutes, so we don’t tally those and apply them to your plan! Premium minutes are only tallied for premium international & toll-free numbers

What are conference call minutes?

Premium minutes are your monthly allotment of minutes that can be used towards any premium international or toll-free dial-in number.

Minutes included with our paid plans are allocated on a monthly basis and accumulated at a rate of per minute/per caller, meaning that if, for example, you and 1 other participant are both using a premium international dial-in number for 20 minutes, you will have used up 40 premium minutes of your monthly limit.

*Dial-in numbers for China and India are charged on a pay per use basis at 15c/min/caller.

For more detailed information about the different premium numbers and rates available, please visit the following link: Dial-Ins and Rates

NOTE: You can mix and match your dial-ins during the same call and provide free numbers to some participants and premium dial-ins to others.

What happens if I go over my monthly limit?

Once you have gone over your monthly limit, you will be charged a per-minute overage fee for the use of all premium international & toll-free numbers. Overage fees and premium minute limits depend on the plan you are subscribed to.

Where can I view my current tally of premium minutes?

You can view how many minutes you have remaining right from your account dashboard. You can also view them in your usage report. Log into your FreeConference.com account and click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the page. On the left hand bar, click on ‘Usage Report’. What your monthly limit is and how much you have accumulated for the current month.

NOTE: Any unused premium minutes left over at the ending of your billing cycle will not be carried forward to the next cycle.