We're sorry! If you receive a firewall warning message, you may be behind a firewall, or having some network issues. As a result, you may experience some quality issues with audio, video or screen sharing. Or this could block access to the video, audio and screen sharing service.

The first step in resolving this issue is to run the Connection Test, which can be found via the menu in your account or online meeting room, as well as in all invitation emails. Then, using that information, try the suggestions below.

If you are unable to resolve the issue after trying the below suggestions, please reach out to our support team and send us a screenshot of your connection test results.

1. Firewall Software may be blocking access

You can try disabling the firewall software or change the settings in your firewall to allow access to the conference domain. If you are on a corporate network, you should contact your network administrator or IT department. The following support article provides more detailed information for your network administrator.

If you use Deep Packet Inspection on your firewall, check that it supports WebSockets and the WSS protocol. If there are issues loading the meeting room it could be that the Deep Packet Inspection is breaking the security model of WebSockets. If this is the case please put an exemption for our domain in your Deep Packet Inspection configuration.

2. VPN blocking access

Some VPN connections have particular security restrictions that block some video conferencing services. We recommend deactivating your VPN connection where possible.

3. SSL Secure Connection issue 

If you have a firewall, make sure that it allows communication over port 443. Consult your firewall documentation or system administrator if you do not know how to check for this.

4. Check that you are not using a program that blocks connections

Antivirus, security or other applications may also be preventing access to the video and screen sharing features. This could include a chrome extension, so we recommend disabling anything that is not required and/or checking your support documentation for programs that are blocking connections.


5. Try using a different browser or use the desktop app where possible

The issue could be related to extensions in your Google Chrome browser and you prefer not to disable them, then you can try using another browser such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.  Alternatively, where available, you can also easily download the desktop app for Windows or Mac. The download links can be found within your account via the menu at the top right under 'downloads'.