Whether you're a free user looking to take advantage of premium features like call recording or you're a paying customer looking to reduce your premium minute overages, upgrading your FreeConference can help you get the most out of your meetings—and your money! Here are some of the main reasons it might be time to upgrade your FreeConference account: 

1. You need to RECORD AUDIO  

If you need an audio recording of your call to share with others or save for your future reference, you can gain access to unlimited audio recording with an upgrade to any of our paid monthly plans which start at $9.99/month. 

2.  You need to RECORD VIDEO

Maybe you're hosting a webinar, presentation, or video conference that you'd like to record. FreeConference offers unlimited video conference and online meeting recording with a subscription to the $24.99/month 'Plus' and $34.99/month 'Pro' plans.

3. You need to increase your online participant limit 

Whether you're on the free service and need to be able to have more than 5 online participants join your call or you're planning on hosting a large web conference with up to 100 people, we've got plans for you! Our paid plans start at $9.99/month and offer 15, 50, and 100 online participants, respectively. 

4. You want more SECURITY

Lock your meeting room at any point during a call from your phone or computer. You also have the ability to schedule conferences which use one-time access codes, adding another level of security for those one off meetings where you only want those invited to be able to take part. Additionally, this feature does also allow you to schedule multiple concurrent conferences that each use different access codes. 

5. You're going over your included premium minutes 

Each paid plan includes a certain amount of shared premium minutes to use over the course of the monthly billing period before your account incurs a per-minuter / per-caller overage charge. Since higher plans include more monthly premium minutes and a lower per-minute overage rate, you could save a considerable amount on your monthly invoice on overage charges by upgrading to a higher plan if you or your callers make heavy use of premium international and toll-free 800 dial-in numbers. 

Please Note: All plan subscription changes will be effective immediately upon upgrading or downgrading. All plans will automatically renew every 30 days unless cancelled.