We know how frustrating it can be when you or your participants can't join a call because you get a busy signal. Often, this is likely a call termination issue where the call is not properly routed to this area.

In addition to opening a report with your phone provider, we recommend calling with any of the other U.S. dial-in numbers below with the same access code:

1 717-275-8940
1 605-562-0402

1 712-832-8331


Note: Other callers who are still using your primary dial-in will still be connected together in the same conference call, as long as everyone is using the same access code

Using these alternate numbers usually solves the problems for callers having difficulties connecting to your main number.

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**To help us fix the line for future use please contact our support team to let us know there is an issue with your conference line by submitting a new ticket.