Yes the free service is absolutely free and we don't charge anything to use our conference bridges that join calls together. Nor do we charge anything for the many other free features like moderator controls, invitations, screen sharing and video.

Each caller is then responsible for his/her own long-distance charges to reach the assigned dial-in number, but there are no charges otherwise. If for example, a participant has unlimited long-distance on their Vonage, AT&T (or other providers) calling plan, they'll see no change in their bill. Other participants might use their cell phone minutes when dialing into the conference line, but we would add no fees regardless. Learn more about potential phone provider fees and charges here: Call rates and charges explained

If you need premium features, like call recording, security settings or toll-free dial-in numbers for example, then you would need to sign up for a paid subscription. You can compare all our different plans at the following link: