If other participants are unable to hear you or they can not see your video, it may only be that you need to adjust a simple setting within your browser.

1. Check your hardware

  • Verify your device is not muted or turned off
  • Check that all cables are properly connected (Sometimes unplugging and plugging them back in again can do the trick)
  • Make sure other programs on your computer aren’t using your microphone, camera, or speakers

  • MAC users: Some Mac computer settings might prevent our service from using your microphone/webcam. 
    1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
    2. Select Privacy > Microphone/Camera.
    3. Next to Google Chrome check the box.

  • WINDOWS users: click the audio icon in your task bar and check the settings and properties of your microphone and speakers. For more detailed assistance with Windows 10 sound problems check this Microsoft support link


2. Check Browser Permissions

  • Click on the small lock symbol at the top left of your Chrome browser's address bar field while in the online meeting room
  • To unblock your webcam and microphone, click on the small arrow to the right of 'Camera' and 'Microphone' and select 'Allow'.

3. Start/Join a web conference and check the Online Meeting Room Settings

  • While on a conference in the online meeting room, click the microphone icon to unmute/mute your audio
  • *6 will unmute/mute your audio in our system if you called in via phone

  • While in the Online Meeting Room, click on the 'More' icon to the bottom left of the screen, then select the settings cog  in the menu.
  • Verify that audio is detected via the bar under 'Audio'
  • If no sound or video is detected, choose a different device from the drop-down menu
  • Click 'save'  


4. Restart your Chrome browser or App and computer

  • Exit and rejoin the video conference call
  • Restart your Google Chrome browser and ensure you have the latest version
  • Restart your computer

5. Check that your participants/viewers are properly connected

If your participants did not connect their audio when joining via internet, or have issues as listed above, then the source of the problem may not be on your side. Especially if some don't have issues and it is only one or two who can't hear your audio or see your video. I would recommend sending this troubleshooting link to help resolve the issue.

6. No Audio Detected (E25)
If you are getting this error, please visit this page and troubleshoot your microphone with these methods.

You may also see Error-25 Audio not connected, yet the audio is working fine. To correct that error message on Windows

  • Click on the speaker icon at the bottom-right
  • Click on Sounds
  • Select the Recording tab
  • Right-click on Default
  • Click on Levels
  • Enable the Icon

7. Open a ticket with Customer Support
If you are unable to resolve the issue after trying the above, please reach out to our support team providing as much detail as you can about the issue.